Thursday, January 13, 2011

Dem Leader Clyburn Ties AZ Shooting To Sharron Angle Statement

Citing no evidence that the Arizona shooter had ever heard of Sharron Angle of Nevada or her remarks about Second Amendment remedies, a top Dem leader has nevertheless tied the shootings to Angle's statement.

Rep. James Clyburn, third in the House Dem leadership, made his allegation on Fox News Sunday today. He began with a general statment, then made a specific accusation.

JAMES CLYBURN: I think that what is happened here is that the vitriol has gotten so elevated until people feel emboldened by this. And people who are a little less than stable, and people aren't thinking for themselves are so easily influenced, they go out and do things that all of us pay a great price for.

Brett Baier, subbing for Chris Wallace, then read to Clyburn a statement from Tea Party leader Judson Phillips predicting that the left would blame the shootings on the Tea Party movem


  1. hey brother! sorry i have been neglecting this blog. been sick and now i am back in action.

    you know, i think people should stop pointing fingers at each other because it is easy and conveient to do so. we should seek to find the real problem, and not fabricate one.

    good post, man

  2. "we should seek to find the real problem" I think you are damn right makemebelieve